Multisport is a type of racing that encompasses a variety of disciplines, with quite a few events now including kayaking as one of the legs.

Races can include kayaking in the Ocean (eg Anglesea Adventurethon), on a Lake (eg King Valley Challenge) or River (eg Murray Quad).

Events can typically be done as an Individual ie the same person completes all disciplines or teams ie for a race that includes a Run, Ride and Kayak a different person completes each leg.

There are endless combinations to the disciplines included in Multisport races (for example the ride leg could include either a road ride or moutainbike ride) as well as distances available – most events have short and long courses so there is a race to cater for beginners through to seasoned Pro’s.

If you are interested in giving a Multisport event a go and need to start kayaking please contact the club (via the ‘Contact Us’ tab) and we’ll get you going.

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